7 Things to Look For When Buying a Suitcase

Written by Becca Seigel of halfhalftravel.com


Buying a suitcase can be a challenge. What should you look for? How can you be sure you’re searching for the best and most helpful features?

I put off buying a new suitcase for years because I was overwhelmed with what to look for. I tend to avoid shopping for something I’m not ready to research, because it can take a lot of time! For sporadic business trips, I was using a small out-of-date suitcase that I was not in love with, and I was ready for change.

I needed an upgrade, badly! This brought me to the question of: what should you be looking for during a search for the perfect luggage? 

Luckily, SwissTech USA makes the suitcase search easy. With several lines of luggage and bags, all with excellent features, you can shop and be sure that your new suitcase has what you need for traveling.

Here’s a list of what to look for when buying your next suitcase.

  • Is there an integrated TSA lock for added security?

  • There are regular locks on suitcases out there, but here’s why you need a TSA-approved lock. It’s because the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is allowed to open your locked luggage if they wish to check what’s inside, during security. If you have a TSA-approved lock, the TSA can use a special master key to unlock your integrated luggage lock without breaking it. If the lock is not the approved TSA type, you may wind up with a broken and unusable lock. 

    What does a TSA-approved lock look like on a suitcase? If you look at the side view of the SwissTech Executive 29" Upright Suitcase, you’ll see it is hardly visible, and that the suitcase zippers clip in, for maximum sleekness.

  • Is the suitcase made from a durable (yet lightweight) ABS material?

  • You are definitely going to want your next suitcase to be made of the most durable and lightweight material. In fact, you should only consider lightweight materials for the outer shell of your next set of luggage. 

    Suitcases will get heavy quickly once you start loading in clothes, shoes and toiletries filled with liquid. For this reason, you want to start off as light as possible. 

    As for material, an “ABS” means “acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene,” and it’s a common type of strong high-tech plastic. Having a piece of luggage made of ABS material means it’ll be okay to have some delicate items inside, compared with suitcases that have softer exteriors.

    As a great example of how this material looks, even on a larger suitcase, check out the SwissTech Navigation 25" Upright Suitcase.

  • Does it have oversized 8-wheel 360-degree spinners for ease of movement?

  • If you have ever used a suitcase with wheels that don’t spin 360 degrees, you know what a pain this can be. Opt for a bag that has 360-degree spinners, for gliding through an airport seamlessly and smoothly.

    The oversized 8-wheel feature is for having lots of balance and sturdiness when the suitcase is shuffled around. Not all surfaces are as smooth as the walkways in an airport, so this type of wheel helps when you’re moving your luggage on cement or stone sidewalks. To see a close-up of special wheels like this, look no further than the SwissTech Navigation 21" Carry On.

  • Is there a USB port and internal cord to connect to a power bank? 

  • Having a USB port and connection to a power charging bank inside the suitcase is an awesome feature for travelers who’ll be taking long flights. It’s also helpful if you’ll be passing through an airport during a layover and you’re not sure if you’ll have time to sit down to charge your phone. With a USB port and internal cord inside the suitcase itself, you can charge your phone with your luggage! 

    See this feature in a compact and versatile suitcase like the SwissTech Executive 21" Carry On

  • Does it have multi-functional compartments?

    Having multi-functional compartments is a crucial part of any excellent piece of luggage. Multi-functional compartments are the inner sleeves and pockets that fit individual shoes and accessories, all zippered up. 

    A suitcase like the SwissTech Navigation 29" Upright Suitcase has six multi-functional compartments, including a removable wet pouch. A pocket like a wet pouch is a unique feature that can be really helpful in case you’re traveling with something unexpectedly damp. 


  • What about a zip-around expansion for added packing space?
  • Have you ever been packing on the last night of a trip and what you came with doesn’t quite seem to fit in your suitcase? That’s when a feature like a 2-inch zip-around expansion for added packing space comes in. You can expand your suitcase without making it look funny, and you’ll fit those great souvenirs you picked up for family.

    You can see how this useful feature looks on the SwissTech Executive 25" Upright Suitcase

  • Does the product come with a limited 15-year warranty?
  • All trustworthy products should have a limited warranty, and that’s why SwissTech suitcases come with a limited 15-year warranty. This warranty is included with the purchase of suitcases like the Executive and Navigation luggage collections, at no extra cost.

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